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Omega Watches

Omega was founded in 1848 by 23-year-old Louis Brandt at La Chaux-de-Fonds. Brandt assembled key-wound precision pocket watches from parts supplied by local craftsmen. His watches were sold through England (his main market) across Europe, from Italy to Scandinavia.

After his death in 1879, his two sons Louis-Paul and César decided to take control of the entire production process rather than continue to deal with inconsistent quality and irregular deliveries. The workshops were moved to Biel/Bienne, Switzerland in 1880.

Omega watch models

The high quality Omega watch was introduced in 1894 and the Marine created in 1932. The watch range now includes the Speedmaster (launched in 1957) and the Co-Axial calibres which turned out to be a game-changer in watchmaking circles about 50 years later.

Famous wearers of Omega watches

Omega watches became the official timekeepers for Britain’s Royal Flying Corps combat units in 1917, followed by the United States army in 1918.  Omega watches have also been the choice of NASA astronauts, being the first watch on the Moon in 1969. MI6’s most famous spy, James Bond, has worn an Omega watch in films since 1995 and the Olympic  Games signed Omega on as Official Timekeeper in 1932.

The history of your Omega watch

If your watch was manufactured before 2000, Omega will supply you with information about your watch from their archives – Visit the Omega Archives.