Every watch repair or restoration has it’s own specific challenges.

Without examining the watch, it is impossible to provide an accurate quotation. We find there are many perculiarities with vintage and antique watches – they all have their own history.

However, when we do, we provide you with:

  • An itemised list of the parts that will be replaced
  • The servicing tasks that will be completed
  • A list of options of additional aesthetic repairs and replacements e.g. polish the case, replace the band etc.

Best of all, quotations are FREE!

We’ll do the work at a fixed price and provide you with a 2 year guarantee.

Quotations are valid for 30 days.

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80 percent of quotations become completed work

We think that 8 out of 10 quotes on a repair or restoration becoming actual repair or restoration jobs…is a pretty good average.

We can only assume that’s because our customers are happy with the quotation, and respect our professional advice.

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